Bullying Prevention Expert

 “Once a Marine, always a Marine.”


Marine veteran Alex Duran embodies this slogan. His service never ended. He strives to simultaneously help fellow veterans and empower the youth of the nation. He is the creator of a great program called “The Bully Magnet” and named one of the top youth motivational speakers on the market; he has spoken at over 200 schools and has been featured on FOX, CBS, PBS, PGA and many other youth organizations.

He is a sought out speaker on the subject of bullying, youth motivation and fitness in schools across the country. Has published five books, including “Veterans: Our Honored U.S. Heroes” and “Lean But Not Mean.” and created an online certification called Youth Fit Pro where teachers, coaches and veterans can be a force for good by empowering the youth of today and tomorrow.

Alex’s message takes students on a journey through his own life story – a kid who struggled with fitting in and had a victim mentality. His life story is very funny, engaging and relatable. Luckily, through mentors and great teachers they paved a road for him to break free from the bullying cycle. Today, Alex travels across America showing students, teachers and faculty how to stand up to bullying and how to “Adapt and Overcome” on their schools and campuses.

Alex has attained a master’s degree in business and soon after started a non-profit called Fitwize Academy where Alex trains children of all ages and abilities. He demonstrates his knowledge and passion as an educator who helps other enthusiastic youth trainers get the necessary qualifications and build successful businesses/careers in a growing market that desperately needs help.

Like much of what Alex does, his books has helped countless parents help their children overcome troubling issues and it’s the satisfaction from this that drives Alex to continue to empower the youth of today.