Bully Proof Kids

Stop Bullying In Elementary Schools

Many kids today in schools across America claim to be bullied and most of the time don’t really understand what bullying really is. In the Bully Magnet program, Alex presents the topic in a way that kids can understand and can start applying a new-found confidence and ability to handle just about any negative verbal occurrence or mental confrontation. Using his own life story, he demonstrates how being reactive to bullies will create a lasting negative effect and will not resolve the bullying. He gives them real-world steps to respond with respect and gain self-respect, so they have the tools speak up for themselves and others. When this happens, students become bully proof and repel any negative situation and start to stand up with their heads up high.

What your students will learn:

1. What is Bullying?

2. How to respond to bullies

3. How to speak up with respect

4. Empowering students to not be victims of bullying

5. When to find someone to help